About Us

FUSION, as a great dance academy, takes a holistic approach to training. Rather than focus on song based choreography, we incorporate routines into the class which ensure that personal milestones of training are met and maximizes an individuala��s endurance, strength and flexibility.

FUSION believes that we dance to express; and hence, each dancer is unique and individual. Our entire curriculum revolves around finding your nichea��. Our Faculty ensure that the students get to experience different choreography and teaching styles. Our dancers are also trained in multiple other forms of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Classical, Bollywood and so much more

FUSION fuses multiple styles of Bollywood training to create a fully rounded curriculum that opens the dancera��s eyes and mind to all the choreographic possibilities that they might want to experiment with. It also exposes the student to the diverse and beautiful art that dance is, all the while training them for the professional stage.

FUSION Dance Crew allows young dancers the chance to learn technique and have fun! More serious dancers are given the opportunity to excel to a pre-professional level as a member of one of our Competition Teams.


Why Choose Us

Apart from the health benefits of dancing, FUSION continuously looks out for outstanding dancers to use for events and TV programs.

We also provide instructors and choreographers to teach in the corporate environment, schools or other places.

Our dance teachers lead not many students at any one time. The quality of teaching and one-to-one focus helps bring out the best in each student.